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Property Status Declaration: Starting January 2017 and due by February 2, 2018 Empty Homes Tax Payment: Due by April 16, 2018 for 2017 Tax Year Unpaid tax added to Property tax bill: December 31, 2018 Tax will be equal to 1% of the property's assessed value


Properties not subject to Empty Home Tax:


*         Being used as a principal residence by the owner or his/her family member


*         Rented for a total of 180 days of the year, in periods of at least 30 consecutive days


*         Meeting the criteria for one of the permissible exemptions listed below



Permissible Exemptions:


*         Your home is being used a minimum six months of the year for work purposes within the City of Vancouver, with your principal residence elsewhere


o   Must provide address of your principal residence, contact information for Vancouver employer, letter from Vancouver employer confirming full time employment status and required physical presence for purposes of work


*         You or your tenant is receiving long-term, in-patient, medical or supportive care


o   Contact information for care facility and letter from care facility confirming property owner is under-going care


*         The owner is deceased and a grant of probate or administration is pending


o   Provide copy of death certificate


*         The ownership of the property changed during the year


o   Provide a copy of the contract of purchase and sale


*         The property is undergoing major renovations, or is under construction or redevelopment and permits have been issued


o   Short description of redevelopment and permit number


*         The property was subject to strata rental restrictions as of November 16, 2016


o   Provide copy of strata bylaws and letter from strata council confirming rentals are at the maximum and the property in question is on the waiting list


o   Any strata bylaw enacted after November 16, 2016 will not allow for an exemption by the property owner


*         The property is under a court order prohibiting occupancy


o   Provide a copy of the court order


*         The property's use is limited to vehicle parking or the shape, size or other aspect of the property precludes the ability to construct a residential building



Penalties and Fines:


*         Failure to self-declare will result in the tax applied in the year following, with the amount added to the property tax bill


*         Late and unpaid Empty Home Taxes are subject to late payment penalty of 5%, daily interest on arrears and the tax sale process


*         False declarations will result in fines up to $10,000 per day in addition to payment of the tax


*         Properties may be audited and documentation and support of exemptions will be requested


For further information, please go to the City of Vancouver website:


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