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Dexter’s 2018 Award Winners

Dexter’s 2018 Award Winners

We keep great company

At Dexter, we’re proud to say we have the most dedicated, empathetic and motivated agents in the Lower Mainland.

Once a year we celebrate those who deserve recognition for their outstanding efforts—those agents who, in the preceding calendar year, exemplified the highest standards of work ethic, skill, and focused effort, in both our company and the broader real estate profession. Award recipients are also individuals who lead by example, often mentoring others in our company. That care, that willingness to go above and beyond, is a true sign of the leaders winners tend to be.

President David Peerless has always viewed the giving of awards to our agents as the simple acknowledgment of their extraordinary effort, commitment, and passion for their client’s needs.

Our annual awards give us the opportunity to acknowledge our winners in signature Dexter style. In recognition of our winners’ generosity and success, we made a contribution in their name to their charity of choice. And to support the continued growth of their real estate careers, we also contributed dedicated marketing support to help further their personal business plans.

We celebrate each recipient’s success and are proud to call them Dexter agents.

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Deana Holmes

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