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Bringing Ninja to Dexter

Bringing Ninja to Dexter

Why Kevin Skipworth moved mountains (or at least hotel bookings and catering) to bring the Ninja Installation to Vancouver 

When Kevin Skipworth, one of Dexter’s Partners/Managing Brokers and our resident Chief Economist, heard about a valuable course from Dexter’s network of brokerages, he had to know more. It wasn’t just one person, a couple of different companies had offered Ninja Selling Installation to their agents to help them with their business. 

“The people who were talking about this course are the ones I sit up and listen to.”

Kevin knew he had to see what this course was about. He found out CIR Realty in Calgary was offering an installation last November, so he decided to brave the cold and hopped on a plane to check it out.

Arriving at the Installation, he’d expected to take part in a very comprehensive course on building a real estate business. Sure, he was a little worried about the length—four days is a long time—but he figured he’d come away with a few useful pieces.

What he got was a lot more.

“It exceeded my expectations dramatically. The way the course was done, the content, everything went far beyond what I’d anticipated.”

All four days featured good content, good interactions, and great experiences.

The first day was all about mindset, how you treat your business and your life. For Kevin, it was an eye-opening way of rethinking how he dealt with everything in his life, and really seeing how your attitude towards challenges  can affect outcomes—how thinking positively can change your reactions.

Changing your thinking sounds huge. But when asked what his biggest take-aways were, Kevin said it was the little things. Like making a Post-it note of what you want to do every day.

He made two Post-It notes after the Ninja Installation:

    • The first was placed in his home office, right beside the chin-up bar in his house. The note said “Do ten pull ups.” That bar had been gathering dust—now it’s not.
    • The second note he put in his office at Yaletown. It read “Bring Ninja to Dexter.” 

Why that goal? 

Because when Kevin walked away from those 4 days in Calgary, he knew he’d found something that would be a valuable experience for each and every Dexter agent—something he wanted his agents to have an opportunity to benefit from.

In terms of real estate, the course helped Kevin to focus more on the work he was doing, get less caught up in overthinking the minutiae. He found himself getting more stuff done—not doing more, though, and that’s a crucial distinction. This course isn’t about doing more, it’s about being more efficient, so you can have more time to have fun, exercise, and generally enjoy a more balanced life. 

Everyone tries to prospect and build business, but we often overlook what we have. This course helped Kevin realize how we can have people we know at our fingertips, but yet we don’t look to those people for business. We don’t see the opportunity before us.  Instead of trying to find new opportunities, we can benefit from looking after the people already in our lives, treating them with care, and seeing them as our future business. 

“Learning how to use the sales skills I already had, to better tap into the knowledge I had, has been invaluable.”

It can be hard to see how much you can need to structure your life, to plan and take advantage of everything that’s around you. That’s what this course is ultimately about: Talking to people about putting plans in place.

“The course is about relationship building—what we focus on as a company. That’s why it’s a natural fit for Dexter.”

Beyond Post-Its and business, Kevin has found benefits in other ways. 

After the course, he set some goals: lose fifteen pounds and take a vacation. So far he’s lost ten pounds, and he’s going on vacation with his son and his father in August—a long awaited men’s trip!

But before leaving for that vacation, he accomplished his second Post-It note: He brought Ninja to Dexter.

He’s certain Dexter’s agents will benefit from this Ninja Installation. In fact, it’s Kevin’s goal that they’ll experience a shift in their mindset as to how to build business. That they’ll be more successful, in all aspects of their lives.

And, as we know, Kevin has gotten very good at achieving his goals.


If you have any questions about the Ninja Selling Installation, Kevin would be more than happy to talk to you about the benefits of this course. Don’t hesitation to reach out to him at

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